June 01, 1987 12:00 PM

Andy Taylor

Is there life after Duran Duran? With his debut solo LP, guitarist Andy Taylor makes a pretty good case for the affirmative. (Of course, all bets are off if that musical twit Simon Le Bon decides to carry on his singing career.) On Thunder, Taylor shows well-rounded skills for writing, producing, strumming and even singing. He gets appreciable help in all areas except vocals from an unlikely partner, ex-Sex Pistol Steve Jones, who co-wrote every song but one. There’s nothing spellbinding or irresistible on this rock album, but it’s all decent enough. Taylor has traded in the ponderous metallic style of Power Station, his last album project, for an uncomplicated but lively electric edge. Songs such as Don’t Let Me Die Young, Life Goes On and Bringin’ Me Down even bear repeated listening. That means he’s already ahead of the work turned out by his old gang. (MCA)

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