April 11, 1994 12:00 PM

Syndicated (Check local listings)

C +

God, I love syndicated TV, the last home of trashy action series. This unapologetically gaudy flamer stars retired wrestler Hulk Hogan (who henceforth wants to be referred to as Terry Hogan) and Chris Lemmon. Together they own and operate a high-tech armed-to-the-gunwales cigarette boat. Hogan is the muscle. Lemmon is the brains. The beauty is provided by Carol Alt as a beachfront bartendress. All is generously supplemented with a gratuitous bouncing bikini quotient that rivals Baywatch.

The pilot was a funky two-hour slam-bang festival. But only one aspect of the series remains Rabelaisian: in order to give the Hulkster a decent workout, the villains have to be gargantuan. Except for the bad guys, however, everything about the show seems to be shrinking a little already.

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