October 29, 2007 12:00 PM

• Last season they saved the cheerleader and the world. Now the Heroes gang must rescue their own show, mired in a serious sophomore slump. Victory can be theirs with these simple steps:

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS The heroes work best as a team, yet they’ve been redistributed around the globe. Let’s get the band back together, pronto!

ADIOS, MAYA AND ALEJANDRO! The show’s deadweight new additions spend each week stumbling around Mexico, getting caught and then escaping as Maya uncorks her runny-mascara superpower and offs their captors. Sic Sylar on ’em.

STOP LIVING IN THE PAST Hiro (Masi Oka) teleported to 1671 Japan … and right into a cringeworthy Harlequin flirtation with Yaeko (Eriko Tamura). Bring him home, along with the Han Solo-like reluctant warrior Takezo Kensei (Alias’ David Anders). His roguish charm should reenergize this morose supergroup.

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