February 12, 2001 12:00 PM

by Lisa Jewell

As carefree 30-year-old Londoners who never stay in relationships for more than three months, lifelong pals Digby Ryan and Nadine Kite have not thought seriously about settling down with anyone—much less each other. But when Digby’s first love, a poised, wealthy blonde who “smells like she bathes in the morning dew,” comes back into his life, Nadine turns positively green. “Is that what Dig really wants?” she wonders. “A ‘classy’ woman? Someone who buys tailored suits from Escada?” Looking up her own first love, half out of retaliation, half out of desperation, Nadine is woefully disappointed. “This is what Keith Richards would have looked like if he’d left the Stones twenty-five years ago and become a bus driver,” she muses. Digby, she realizes, has always been the man for her.

At first this witty British import appears to be little more than When Harry Met Sally on the Thames, but Digby and Nadine’s circuitous path to happiness is not in the least predictable. Nor, despite all the funny bits—and there are dozens of laugh-out-loud moments—is their story without some very painful, even moving, bumps. (Plume, $13)

Bottom Line: Really something

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