Picks and Pans Review: They Love the '80s!

>• The stars of the new comedy Adventureland (opening April 3), set at an amusement park in 1987, remember the way they were during that totally awesome decade.

“I had two stepsisters who were very in fashion, so I got a lot of the teal mascara tips and Esprit. I also had a short perm, so I don’t know if any pictures of that will see the light of day. I was constantly perming my hair. My mom took me when I was really young, and we kept going. And then after a while it was like, ‘What is that burning smell? It can’t be good for my hair.'” —KRISTEN WIIG

“What was I like in the ’80s? Tube socks and Spuds MacKenzie T-shirts. That was the [stuff].” —BILL HADER

“I loved Say Anything. That was a huge movie for me when I was a kid. You always have that moment with a ghetto blaster over your head, blasting it out for the one that you love. In reality, you can be arrested doing that.” —RYAN REYNOLDS

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