May 11, 1992 12:00 PM

by Mary C. Hickey and Sandra Salmans

Here is just the handbook for Hillary Clinton and the other 21.5 million working American mothers who chose not to “stay home and bake cookies” all day. This is not about the bakery goodies you tried to pass off at your child’s recital as “homemade”; we are talking about big-time GUILT. Read it. Recognize yourselves and laugh out loud.

Authors Hickey and Salmans, working mothers themselves, have written an acerbic and helpful book, aptly subtitled Whatever You’re Doing, It Isn’t Enough. It explores the guilt that every working mother feels about her children, her boss, her coworkers, her neighbors, her baby-sitter and herself. It also dispenses tips on how to avoid being shunted to the corporate mommy track. (Don’t ever let on that you have to leave the office to see a school play.)

The authors get deliciously wicked on such subjects as the “Supermom” (“She still has angst about the time she put bottled mayonnaise in her New Potato Salad”), the “Stay-At-Home Mom” (“Don’t ever say anything that indicates you think her mind has turned to Jell-O….”) and on “Why Men Don’t Feel Guilty” (their fathers didn’t).

Those women who have grown frazzled trying to juggle their acts can take heart from this clever primer: “Even though you might not be Doing it All, you’re Doing an Awful Lot.” (Penguin, paper, $8.95)

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