January 20, 2014 12:00 PM



You play Leo’s feisty wife in your first major film role.

I’m still pinching myself. Leo has always been my favorite actor and he became this wonderful big brother. All of my girlfriends interrogated me and asked, “Is he an amazing kisser?” I’d say, “All I know is his screen kissing is great.” Then they’d get upset and say, “Tell me there were fireworks.” There weren’t. You do the takes in 17 hours, and it’s just hot and sweaty.

How did you deal with the nude scenes?

At first I was absolutely petrified. By the end there was so much nudity nobody was fazed about undressing. I have no concept of modesty anymore.

How are you handling fame?

I recently read comments criticizing me and my body. You start thinking, “Why am I doing this?” Then I get calls from my grandparents telling me how proud they are. Then I know why I’m doing this.

What do you do to relax?

I play ice hockey in a league in L.A. I’m obsessed and in love with the New York Rangers.

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