January 14, 1991 12:00 PM

ABC (Mon., Jan. 14, 9 P.M. ET)


Ed O’Neill plays a San Francisco bar owner and devoted weekend daddy who goes wild when his daughter (Cassy Friel) disappears into the Witness Relocation Program along with his ex-wife (Almost Grown’s Eve Gordon) and her drug-dealing boyfriend. He hires an investigator (Equal Justice’s Debrah Farentino) to find his child.

What begins as a terrifically taut drama loses steam as it proceeds, through no fault of a fine cast, including Lee (Lenny) Garlington, Steven (21 Jump Street) Williams, Dan (The Tortellis) Hedaya, Mike Farrell and Dakin Matthews.

O’Neill, trying to escape the dirtbox image with which his Married…with Children role of Al Bundy has saddled him, is a paragon of believability as the easygoing but determined father.

The movie’s executive producer, Tony Danza, appears briefly as a brawling bar patron—an ironic cameo in light of his past nocturnal troubles.

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