By Tom Gliatto Rennie Dyball Jason Lynch
August 10, 2009 12:00 PM

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  • It turns out that Wendy Williams, a syndicated radio personality making the move to TV, blossoms on-camera. She’s like an odd tropical flower with enormous bright petals and perhaps a capacity for devouring hummingbirds. She’s terrifically, even scarily, entertaining. A curvaceous woman topped by large wigs, Williams suggests a combo of Queen Latifah, Mike Myers’ Linda Richman and Sandra Bernhard. Her radio-honed delivery and timing are first-rate: Observing a photo of a fat Bobby Brown, she comments flatly, “Wow. A mess.” Even better is the way she levels a deadpan stare at the camera—that’s not a radio skill. Compared to her, the guests are mostly irrelevant. Williams would do just as well standing alone, rotating her curves and throwing out lines.