February 12, 2007 12:00 PM




Rosie, I’m sorry. When you took over from Meredith Vieira on The View in September, I thought you didn’t seem all that interested in the show’s news-chat segment. Subsequent viewing—not to mention your feud with Donald Trump over his treatment of Miss USA—has proved me terribly wrong. Commenting on the headlines every morning, you somehow manage to command the news and become news yourself. Katie Couric must wish she could rub a magic lamp: Out would pop a Rosie genie to grant her some buzz-generating skills. Just last week you said American Idol judges were mean, and there was such a news uproar—about your displeasure—I’m surprised some august body didn’t rule that the Geneva conventions apply to Idol auditions. Part of your clout has to do with your allure to bloggers: You’re a—personality, shall we say? They can’t resist reacting to you. But it’s also the way you look into the camera. It’s that stern, dark-stone gaze of censure. Makes Lou Dobbs look like Elmo.

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