April 17, 2006 12:00 PM

Vision Valley


The Vines don’t waste much time racing through their third CD: Thirteen cuts clock in at little over 31 minutes. One track, the raw, raging “Gross Out,” is done in 75 seconds. As this album shows, however, sometimes less is just less. Although in keeping with the punk tradition of brevity, some of these songs feel unfinished, as if they were plucked off the vine too early. Oddly, the Vines go to the other extreme for the disc’s psychedelic closer, the six-minute-long “Spaceship.” Still, the Australian trio displays a knack for combining garage rock and Beatles-esque pop. Vision Valley hits its peak with “Don’t Listen to the Radio,” a hand-clapping stomper that is just catchy enough to land these mates on the airwaves.

DOWNLOAD THIS: “Don’t Listen to the Radio”

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