January 13, 1997 12:00 PM

by Daniel Silva

Page-Turner of the Week

IT IS EARLY 1944, AND THE MANDARINS of British intelligence have almost pulled off a near impossible task: convincing Hitler that the impending Allied invasion of Europe will come at the French port of Calais instead of the real target, Normandy. Just weeks before the Allies are to set sail, however, a small cell of Nazi spies in England discovers the elaborate ruse. To ensure the secret—and save countless lives on the beachhead—the Nazi agents must be stopped from returning to Germany with the news. To the rescue: Oxford history professor Alfred Vicary, recruited by the Prime Minister, his friend Winston Churchill, to ferret out the German agents. First-novelist Silva, the executive producer of CNN’s political programming, has clearly done his homework, mixing fact and fiction to delicious effect and building tension—with breathtaking double and triple turns of plot—like a seasoned pro. His Vicary is an improbable but shrewd investigator readers will love meeting and will not soon forget. (Villard, $23.95)

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