November 18, 1996 12:00 PM

by Ken Follett

Page-Turner of the Week

STEVE LOGAN IS AN UPSTANDING YOUNG law student at a small Baltimore college. He’s also the unwitting product of a secret government experiment that used genetics to create the perfect soldier. As a result he has at least one twin he has never met. The men are identical right down to their DNA—but raised in separate environments, they handle their natural tendencies toward daring and aggression differently. When Steve gets arrested for a rape committed by his twin, only brilliant young researcher Jeannie Ferrami can expose the truth.

The premise may sound hackneyed, but Follett infuses the book with an irresistible energy. Plus, his riffs on the vast personal data available to computer literates give the novel a 1990s feel. Though Follett made his name with espionage thrillers, this book proves he doesn’t need a Cold War to keep the heat on. (Crown, $25.95)

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