By People Staff
September 11, 1989 12:00 PM

She suggests such promising space creators as easy-to-install plastic shelves. And she keeps her role in perspective: “How many times have you lost stuff in that back space where two cabinets meet?” she asks. “I have no idea what’s in mine!” More ambitious homemakers may want to convert fake drawer fronts under the sink into sponge bins. “Just keep in mind,” says Barbara, “where there’s a space, there’s a possibility.” (Meredith, $19.95; 800-678-2699)


Armed with research by Consumer Reports magazine, an angel on the buying public’s shoulder for more than 50 years, hosts Tom Miller and Nancy Fleming give a room-by-room home safety tour.

They’re helpful when it comes to fire extinguishers, escape ladders, microwave leakage, recommending a burglar alarm system and offering insurance advice. The kitchen and fire safety tips are worthwhile, but there are simplistic moments, such as Nancy warning against running cords across well-traveled areas because somebody could trip. She doesn’t say whether or not chewing on them is a bad idea. (Lorimar, $19.95; 800-323-5275)