By David Hiltbrand
April 02, 1990 12:00 PM

USA (Wed., March 28, 9 P.M. ET)


After a Miami cop (Ray Sharkey) spends time in the slammer for ripping off a drug dealer, his friendship with a has-been TV personality (Larry Manetti) puts him on the wrong side of some cocaine kingpins and endangers his wife (Lisa Hartman).

There’s a massive disparity in the acting skills on display here, from the good to the laughable. Worth mentioning are Orestes Matacena, drum-tight as a Cuban villain, and R. Lee Ermey, as the DEA jefe. Sharkey, though, is so uncharacteristically understated that I kept thinking his stuntman had taken over for him. It just doesn’t seem like the rapacious Sharkman. Director Leon Ichaso adds some nice artistic touches to a film that has better plot than dialogue. In other words it should dovetail nicely with the channel’s reruns of Miami Vice.