December 23, 1985 12:00 PM

It began when local columnist Warren Hinckle lambasted the San Francisco police force for using five cops to arrest porn star Marilyn Chambers during her “Feel the Magic” erotic act and soon after sending 10 cops to search for evidence at the Mitchell Brothers adult theater. His first column said: “These porn dancers can be dangerous; one has to watch closely to make sure they don’t pull a concealed weapon from some orifice.” Days later Hinckle was arrested on two misdemeanors: walking his dog without a license and late registration of his automobile. Charges against both Chambers and Hinckle were eventually dropped and Mayor Dianne Feinstein explained the police behavior: “It was dumb, dumb, dumb!”

Sorry, Giusèppe, you’re an inch over the limit. They can throw you from here to Liechtenstein for all I care

An Italian deputy asked the European Parliament to condemn dwarf-tossing “competitions.” Vera Squarcialupi said the pastime, thought to have originated in Australia, involved “throwing a person of restricted growth, i.e., a dwarf, as far as possible.”

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