June 13, 1988 12:00 PM

In the opening sequence of this 120-minute tape, doctors use such terms as “compression of morbidity” and “vascular bed” to explain the benefits of exercise. It’s enough to make most people ready for the sack, vascular or otherwise. But patient viewers who hold on for the 45-minute aerobic section will be s rewarded. The Stanford pro-” gram, backed by more than 10 s years of research, urges a cautious approach. Beginning with instructions on self-monitoring (pulse and heart rates), the workout includes a warm-up routine, five stages of aerobic activity and ends with a cool-down period. The aerobics are low-impact. The final segment of the tape features Wimbledon finalist Roscoe Tanner and Olympic skater Eric Heiden, among other star athletes, giving useful tips on their own fitness rituals, (fp Video, $39.95,800-451-7020)

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