By People Staff
December 13, 1993 12:00 PM

Guns N’ Roses

A lot of words come to mind when you hear this band’s name. Volume. Intensity. Felonies. The one word seldom associated with Guns N’ Roses, though, is fun. The group is arguably the best hard-rock band now playing, but its recent albums have seemed so fierce that listening was as exhausting as it was exhilarating.

This collection of covers of some of the band’s favorite songs showcases the Gunners’ lighter side. The eclectic jukebox includes everything from a version of the Skyliners’ ’50s hit “Since I Don’t Have You” to Nazareth’s faux-metal “Hair of the Dog.” The band doesn’t even try to replicate the original versions. The change in arrangements may not be drastic, but Slash’s buzz saw of a guitar and singer Axl Rose’s lithe yowl leave no doubt that this is a Guns N’ Roses record. Sometimes the result is a hoot, as when Rose and the heretofore silent Slash duet on T. Rex’s “Buick Makane.” And sometimes the band’s renditions are more ferocious than the original, as on Fear’s “I Don’t Care About You.”

So think of The Spaghetti Incident? as the equivalent of Michael Jordan playing a pickup ball game. It doesn’t count in the standings; it’s just raw talent kicking back and cutting loose. (Geffen)”