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Updated June 01, 2009 12:00 PM

>• In a new memoir, Larry King, 75, and his son Larry Jr., 47, open up about meeting—for the very first time—when Jr. was 33.

HOW DID YOU LEARN OF EACH OTHER’S EXISTENCE? In 1994 when my ex-wife Annette was dying, she called out of the blue to tell me I had a son named Larry Jr. and that she wanted me to know him. I hadn’t spoken to her in about 30 years.

WERE YOU SHOCKED? What could be more of a surprise than that? When we broke up, Annette told me she might be pregnant, but I dismissed it from my mind. She never contacted me about it. I should have followed up with her, but I didn’t.

LARRY JR., DID YOU GROW UP KNOWING WHO YOUR DAD WAS? My mom told me and said, “Your dad will be there for you one day.” She did whatever it took to make me feel good.

YOU TWO ARE CLOSE NOW—ANY REGRETS? Jr.: Really what my mom told me all along came true. My father loves me. It worked out for us. Sr.: I’m sad I didn’t get to know him sooner. But having him in my life is my best break ever.