June 17, 1985 12:00 PM

by Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins

Some cookbooks are noveities, with no staying power. Others offer a few recipes that become family favorites. Then there are one or two each year that prove to be extraordinary—almost every recipe provides a great dish. In 1982 two women who have an elegant catering shop on New York’s Upper West Side published The Silver Palate Cookbook. It has since sold 760,000 copies. Silver Palate recipes are not always easy to do—the lists of ingredients can be elaborate. But every dish is special. This sequel is in the same attractive, practical format as the earlier volume—menu ideas, tips, shopping hints and bright quotes decorate the pages in red ink, along with Sheila Lukins’ artful drawings. The best thing about these books, however, is that the authors start off the recipes explaining why the dish is going to be good and what things may be served with it. They inspire. While the recipes in the earlier book are for entertaining, those in the new volume are keyed to seasonal celebrating: for summer, for instance, a tortellini salad with sweet red pepper and zest of orange; for winter, Christmas pudding candy and an Italian meat loaf with just enough added ingredients to make this familiar standard freshly wonderful. If you buy just one cookbook for your library this season, this is the one to go for. (Workman, $11.95)

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