April 21, 2003 12:00 PM

Ginuwine (Epic)

There are too many moments on Ginuwine’s latest, The Senior, that are juvenile. Among them: the bizarre spoken intro, with Mike Tyson giving his “stamp of approval”; the laughable duet with Snoop Dogg on the ballad “Get Ready”; and the interminable interlude during which Ginuwine acts out shooting someone in self-defense at a club before launching into the cautionary slow jam “Locked Down.” Despite those missteps, the R&B star still delivers some bright moments on this spotty disc, especially the first single, “Hell Yeah,” a funky party jam written by R. Kelly. Ginuwine also evokes Kelly on such raunchy cuts as “Sex” but reveals his sensitive side on romantic tunes like “I Love You More Every Day” that are in the vein of Ginuwine’s 2001 hit “Differences.” He also shows signs of maturity on the midtempo, breezy “Big Plans,” but in the end you’re left wondering: Will the real Ginuwine please stand up?

BOTTOM LINE: So-so Senior

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