April 05, 1982 12:00 PM

Morgan Fairchild of TV’s Flamingo Road makes her debut as a big-screen star as an L.A. anchor-woman who is stalked, mostly through a Mount Palomar-size lens, by photographer Andrew Stevens. He is your typical Beverly Hills sex maniac: He blow-dries his hair in front of a three-paneled mirror, buys his love object flowers and an engagement ring when what he really needs is more developing fluid, and could be a cover boy for the Preppy Pervert Handbook. Andy’s sex drive, however, seems lodged inside his quivering nostrils. He doesn’t need to seduce anyone. He needs to sneeze. Director David Schmoeller must have seen a lot of films like this. The Fan, Don’t Answer the Phone and Tattoo come to mind, since virtually every scene in The Seduction seems familiar. For the most part the acting is lackadaisical. Vince Edwards is the sleepy-eyed police captain reluctant to bring Stevens in. Stevens can’t hold a straitjacket to Bruce Dern when it comes to demented intensity. And if Fairchild can act, you can’t tell by this. (R)

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