June 24, 1985 12:00 PM

To say He-Man is an animated hero is a vast overstatement, since he is, in the drawing (by the California company Filmation), the writing (Larry Ditillo and Bob Forward) and the voice-over (John Erwin), as animated as a redwood. This is his first feature-length do-gooding, spun off from his syndicated TV series. The plot introduces the Big H’s long-lost sister, She-Ra, who has been off in another dimension acting as insufferably self-righteous as he has in Eternia. Those fans of the TV series who like the always hopeful villain, Skeletor, his henchmonster Beast Man and their pals, may be disappointed, since they have only cameos in this story. Most of the time He-Man and She-Ra (he calls her “Sis” in a rare lapse into normal behavior) are battling Hordak and his Evil Horde. There is the standard He-Man quota of swordplay, laser battles, punching and general mayhem—which is to say not much else goes on. Indeed, it’s hard to fathom the appeal that He-Man’s doings have for kids. Then again, once upon a time some of us thought King of the Cowboys and My Pal Trigger with Roy Rogers were hot stuff, too. (G)

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