July 02, 1979 12:00 PM

by Hector Arce

All Hollywood seems to have been aware that Tyrone Power was a sex object, used by strong women and homosexual men. His only failing, according to Rock Hudson, was his impossible desire to please everybody. His friend Cesar Romero says, “He was a beautiful man. He was beautiful outside and beautiful inside.” Lana Turner, once Power’s lover, says, “No man except Tyrone Power took the time to find out that I was a human being, not just a pretty, shapely little thing.” Power, who died at 44 while making a movie in Spain, wasn’t much of an actor, but his passiveness made him a perfect movie star, an instrument in the hands of any director. Arce, a Hollywood biographer, suggests Power suffered from his forays into unconventional sex, but nothing in his book bears that out. Power just seems spiritless, exploited once again by a needlessly sensationalized biography. (Morrow, $9.95)

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