By People Staff
September 04, 1978 12:00 PM

by Terry Southern and photos by Annie Leibovitz & Christopher Sykes

From Jagger’s foreword: “What’s a tour like? Well…Lots of fun in a way. All that music, and leaping about, and the singing…it’s all what you might call fragmented…” Indeed it is. This collection of mostly uncaptioned photographs displays a group of gaunt, aging men, dressed in costumes (“Keith went for the Grapes of Wrath-Tobacco Road composite, while Ron opted for the so-called ‘Sailor Girl’ look”), cavorting onstage, in hotels and on airplanes. Many photos are so blurred that Mick looks like Carly Simon. One snap shows Jack Ford hugging Bianca on a White House balcony with the Washington Monument in the background. Somewhere here there’s a social statement gathering moss. (A&W Publishers, Inc., $10.95)