In his new book Yes, You’re Pregnant, but What About Me? Kevin Nealon—whose son with wife Susan Yeagley is now 15 months old—looks at the funny side of fatherhood (at age 54). He shares some insights:

IT’S TOO LATE TO GET OFF THE RIDE Getting married is a commitment, but once you have a child you’re locked in—and it’s a roller coaster.

HER HORMONES RULE When Susan was pregnant, I was trying a joke out on her. Apparently the sound of my voice was nauseating to her—she quickly ran to the bathroom to throw up.

YOUR PRIORITIES CHANGE I look for playgrounds now instead of gyms or bars. I get excited that a playground has the bucket swings.

HE ISN’T ONLY A FATHER I liked writing the book. Maybe I’ll write Yes, You’re in Jail, but What About Me? or Yes, You’re Starving, but What About Me? It could be a series…

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