Bravo, Feb. 17, 11 p.m. ET |



The season 2 opener is near perfect in its garrulous silliness. It’s summer in the Hamptons, and war breaks out among the housewives: Jill Zarin has given an interview to the New York Post‘s Cindy Adams, knocking costar Alex McCord and her husband. As you may know, Alex and Simon are a fascinatingly awful pair who wear expensive, garish clothes and speak French to their sons. They seem to have been dispatched from a bad European novel. So far, so good. The ladies—including my favorite, the bold and overripe LuAnn, Countess de Lesseps—are obviously thrilled to be cackling and bickering on-camera again after becoming stars in season 1. But a new woman is here: Kelly Killoren Bensimon, divorcée, equestrian, ex-model, author of The Bikini Book. She’s more polished than the others but also more bland, an insufficiently brined olive in a colossal martini.

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