By People Staff
Updated March 26, 1979 12:00 PM

It’s the Love Story school of shameless tearjerkers: Love means never having to say you’re skeptical. This alleged tragedy centers on a car crash involving a young engaged couple, Kathleen (I Never Promised You a Rose Garden) Quinlan and Stephen (All the President’s Men) Collins. When they regain consciousness, his mother, who opposes the marriage, offers to pay for plastic surgery on the girl’s mangled face if she will forsake the son. The girl is the sort who wants to bury beads under a rock as a marriage ceremony, but she accepts the bribe. After that, the plot is afflicted with a case of rampaging coincidence, plus atrocious performances by a nostril-flaring Beatrice (Network) Straight as the impossibly wicked mother and an egregiously inept Michael O’Hare as Collins’ seemingly moronic best friend. Collins and Quinlan muddle through, though their roles are hopelessly ducky and sappy, respectively. When they get together in the end, the only feeling aroused is relief. Such a cluck and such a sap deserve each other. (PG)