By People Staff
April 11, 1994 12:00 PM

by Sophy Burnham

In this futuristic fain’ tale for grownups, Matthew Adams, President of the United States, wakes up one morning to find an angel hovering at the foot of his bed. (This is not so farfetched: Abraham Lincoln is said to have frequently felt the presence of angels.) Following his encounter with the divine, the formerly smooth and cunning President Adams turns humane and compassionate, immediately arousing the suspicions of his advisers. What sane world leader would waste his time worrying about the meaning of life when there are pressing photo ops to attend to? This deftly penned novel of political intrigue and spiritual transformation is the third angel book by Burnham, who touched off the current angel craze with her best-selling A Book of Angels. (Ballantine, $17.50)