By People Staff
October 31, 1983 12:00 PM

The Moody Blues

The Moody Blues’ 15th album in the last 18 years (1965’s Go Now was first) is full of reflection. That’s most evident on Justin Hayward’s sweet-sounding Running Water: “Time hurries on/Look and it’s gone/The changing of the autumn tide/The hopes that live/The dreams that die/If I could have you by my side/I’d give it all away.” Hayward continues to display impatience with simple rock ‘n’ roll, as he shows on the relatively complex Blue World and the more melodic It’s Cold Outside of Your Heart. Blue World is anything but blue; it’s an infectious song about mutual commitment. Performed with a country twang, Cold Outside is a slight but pleasant deviation from the usual Moodies material. It is John Lodge’s Sitting at the Wheel, however, that takes a veritable U-turn away from the cerebral rock the Moodies have thrived on. It’s fast-paced, pure rock ‘n’ roll. Overall, Blues’ fans should be delighted with this Present.