September 08, 1986 12:00 PM

This 40-minute tape offers fluid animation, distinct characterizations and a calm yet engaging plot. It has probably not escaped the notice of Tonka Corporation that children who are familiar with their Pound Puppies line will be especially likely to enjoy this tape. Other kids can get some pleasure out of it too. The plot has to do with indigent canines who form a sort of cooperative to find homes for themselves; their leader, Cooler, strikes up a Lady and the Tramp romance with a wealthy family’s purebred who has escaped from dognappers. The voices are provided by such people as Jonathan Winters, Garrett Morris, Joanne Worley and Ed Begley Jr., though Dan Gilvezan as Cooler and Gail Matthius as his friend Violet have the major roles. There are no grisly surprises, and adults who want to putter around while the kids are watching this won’t miss much. “Go easy on the garlic this time,” Cooler tells a waiter in a restaurant scene; the waiter replies, “Oui, Monsieur, you wouldn’t want to get doggie breath.” (Family Home Entertainment, $14.95)

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