Lizabeth Zindel

Recognize the name? Dad Paul wrote the coming-of-age classic The Pigman. Now Lizabeth, 30, an ex Hollywood assistant, debuts with a novel about a teen interning for a Lindsay Lohan-like star.

OKAY, SO DO YOU KNOW LINDSAY LOHAN? I don’t. But people stop me and tell me I look like her.

HOW MUCH OF THE BOOK IS TRUE? I was getting lattes for my boss at Maverick Entertainment while I was writing. I did pull from my experiences, but it’s up to the reader to figure out.

ARE YOU HAPPY TO CONTINUE THE FAMILY TRADITION? I love it. It’s like the 1800s, where if your father was a cobbler, then you’d make shoes too. My dad [who died in 2003] was always talking about plot and structure at dinner or on road trips. I feel closest to him when I’m writing.

THINK YOUR BOOK COULD BECOME A CLASSIC TOO? I do pressure myself to live up to his precedent—it makes me work harder. I think he’d be very proud.