By People Staff
Updated October 20, 1980 12:00 PM

by Ellen Land-Weber

Some argue that the urge to collect is a vestige of primitive man’s need to store food. That seems as good an excuse as any for the 71 collectors presented here, who accumulate all manner of objects from lunch boxes and maps of Transylvania to midget memorabilia. Photographer Land-Weber acknowledges that she herself is a collector, and she has turned out a studied portrait of an acquisitive subculture. The collectors’ comments about their treasures are entertaining, too. One anvil nut says he “developed a kind of radar…to ferret out anvils,” and a nut nut, who amasses all kinds and all sizes, admits they “have been speaking to me for a long time.” Then, of course, there are those who collect books about collecting. (Fireside/Simon and Schuster, $9.95)