By People Staff
August 27, 1979 12:00 PM

James Brown

In his hard-wallop disco single It’s Too Funky in Here, Brown wails, “I need a little air freshener under the drum/ Open the window, y’all let out some.” For as long as anyone can remember the R&B genre, Brown has had no trouble getting down. Too Funky is almost frighteningly low-down, as are the tracks with Brown’s migraine howls, sledgehammer percussion, bristling horn arrangements and sassy backup singing. You may have to open a few windows at home just to get through the record. The first half of Let the Boogie Do the Rest is a brilliant slow blues number with an oddly captivating dobro solo. Then on Star Generation, Brown and producer Brad Shapiro put synthesizers that sound like pinball electronics to good un-clichéd use. Brown, now 51, has earned the title of this album.