July 21, 2003 12:00 PM

MTV (weeknights at midnight)

If young male viewers decide that Jimmy Kimmel is getting too genteel or Craig Kilborn’s smirk has lost something, they now have a late-night alternative in Tom Green, who returns to MTV after a movie career that officially foundered when Freddy Got Fingered.

This new talk show has echoes of Johnny, Dave and Conan, and sidekick Glenn Humplik (from Green’s old comedy series) comes off as a cross between Ed McMahon and Andy Richter. The host’s interviewing skills are obviously rudimentary, and he’s too dependent on jokes about his brief marriage to Drew Barrymore. But the pretaped bits are not only sure to please devotees of the patented Green gross-out (look, actual vomiting!) but also likely to win new fans for his sly doofus attitude. What remains to be seen is whether the format fits the star.–T.K. BOTTOM LINE: Give him some time to adjust

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