>• Meet the three chart-busters leading the new wave of R&B-pop heartthrobs.


A 26-year-old Londoner of Indian/Punjabi descent, he found Stateside success with labelmate Lil Wayne on the No. 1 single “Down,” off his U.S. debut All or Nothing.

What he sounds like: “If you’re into Ne-Yo and Justin [Timberlake], then my stuff is down that lane,” says Sean.

Best celeb encounter: “Will Smith was everything I wanted him to be,” he says. “I could recite every word of The Fresh Prince [of Bel-Air]!”

First big splurge: “A BMW M6. It’s quite rare,” says Sean. “I’m a huge speed freak, and I can race many a Lambo and Ferrari in my car.”

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