October 03, 1988 12:00 PM

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The sad truth is that I’ve grown older. When I watched this new version of The Munsters, I was peeved that anyone would ruin a trash classic with such a pale imitation. But then I watched a recent TBS special featuring the “best” of the original Munsters from 1964 to ’66 and was humiliated at the thought that I ever tolerated (let alone almost liked) this thing. I was young and foolish then. I was tacky then. But perhaps some young people with a proper appreciation for TV kitsch will like this new version, even if it does have all the production and entertainment values of a sixth-grade talent show. Here, John (McMillan and Wife) Schuck plays Herman Munster, the dad; Fred Gwynne, the original, gave that role more loony charm, and that is the key difference between the two series. Lee (Barnaby Jones) Meriwether is Lily, the mom, and Howard (Gimme a Break!) Morton is Grandpa. But don’t watch them for the sake of nostalgia. It will only depress you.

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