By People Staff
November 11, 2002 12:00 PM

Deborah Cox (J)

House remixes, resulting in six No. 1 dance hits, have turned Deborah Cox into a disco-ball diva who would do Donna Summer proud. The singer’s third album includes pumping club versions of “Mr. Lonely” and “Absolutely Not” (which, in its original form, appeared on last year’s Dr. Dolittle 2 soundtrack). Unfortunately, though, the party pretty much stops there. Alternating between light hip hop (with guest turns by rappers Kurupt and Jadakiss) and R&B-pop ballads in the vein of her 1998 chart-topper “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here,” the disc is more for chilling out the morning after a night on the town. The result is nothing that Mary J., Toni and Brandy haven’t done before—and done better. Still, the cool mid-tempo groove of “Up & Down (In & Out)” will surely soothe any hangover.

Bottom Line: A not-quite-good Morning