December 09, 1985 12:00 PM

What everybody remembers, of course, are the budding personality traits of Annette Funicello or the hunky charm of Tim Considine. But as the three half-hour shows from 1957 and 1958 on this tape (the first of five currently available) demonstrate all too well, the Mouske-viewers were also often subjected to dreary do-gooder segments. In this case, there’s a series of travelogue visits to the U.S. Mint in Denver and FBI headquarters in Washington. The musical numbers featuring the Mouseketeers are lifeless too. Worse, none of these episodes has a cartoon or Spin and Marty, the Considine-Funicello vehicle, or any of the other serials that enlivened the series. (Subsequent volumes do include the serials.) No modern child who grew up on Sesame Street pacing is likely to sit still very long for such tedium, and in black and white yet. (Disney, $49.95)

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