By People Staff
May 25, 1981 12:00 PM

by Leonard Michaels

The author has published two volumes of short stories to impressive literary acclaim. This first novel is about a group of men who idly get together one evening. The characters are so poorly described, however, that even an attentive reader is hard put to tell one member from another. They all seem to be speaking with the same disagreeable voice and telling the same terrible stories about how awful women are. The men include a handsome ex-basketball star, a doctor, a therapist and a college teacher (who is the teller of this woeful tale). The men eat all the food that the host’s wife has prepared for her women’s group. They drink wine and throw knives until the kitchen door is in splinters. Then they howl like wolves. If this is supposed to be funny, it’s too heavy-handed. Every one of the men is a tiresome, self-centered and obnoxious boor. No one would want to spend more than 10 minutes with any of them—certainly not a whole evening, (Farrar Straus Giroux, $10.95)