September 08, 2003 12:00 PM

Jackie Chan, Claire Forlani

There’s always at least one mesmerizing, pull-out-all-stops scene in a Chan picture and in Medallion, an otherwise banal bit of action fluff, it comes as his cop character chases a bad guy through Dublin. Chan hurdles cafe tables with ease, pirouettes across a row of parked bicycles and slithers through barred gates as if boneless. At age 49, he remains the Michael Jordan of movie stuntwork.

Medallion‘s plot has Chan rushing from Hong Kong to Ireland to rescue a holy child who has been kidnapped by a villain (Julian Sands) who covets the boy’s necklace, which imbues its holder with eternal life. That may explain why this movie seemed to last an eternity. (PG-13) BOTTOM LINE: Deserves no medals

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