December 07, 1992 12:00 PM

CBS (Sun., Dec. 6, 9 P.M. ET)


An escaped con (Ryan O’Neal) finds sanctuary in the home of a scrappy spinster (Katharine Hepburn). Soon they’re sharing intimate dinners, eating hot dogs off the good china and swapping life stories. Seems he reminds her of the one true love of her life, dead some 50 years. The manhunt for O’Neal intensifies, conveniently, just as Christmas arrives.

It’s a thin but likable melodramatized comedy. O’Neal is his usual grating self. The script is chipper, and it’s tailored to Hepburn’s crusty side, as when her housekeeper (Helena Carroll) reminds Hepburn that she hasn’t opened her mail. “Junk! Junk! Junk!” she harrumphs.

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