December 05, 1988 12:00 PM

Sheena Easton

Anyone who likes to see Maseratis used to plow snow or filet mignon ground into hamburger may like this record, in which Easton does a convincing imitation of a fourth-rate R&B singer. Maybe she got turned around by her collaboration with Prince, in which—during the U Got the Look video—she groveled around in a fashion that would have been humiliating to the most desperate starlet, let alone to a singer of Easton’s stature and talent. Prince produced two of this album’s 10 tracks (with little of the distinction he often shows on his own records), and the rest were done by such dance poppers as Babyface and Jellybean Benitez. Easton just blares away, fighting a losing battle against the rhythm backgrounds on the hotter tracks and sounding nondescript on the ballads, except Without You, where she sounds so much like Streisand it seems an outright imitation. That just accentuates the revolting developments of Easton’s recent career. Her last album having been scrapped altogether in the midst of legal battles with her former label, EMI-America, she hasn’t released a record in three years and then comes up with this all but colorless package. Meanwhile, that powerhouse of a voice, once so full of strength and the promise of nuance, lies somewhere in a corner gathering dust. (MCA)

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