June 19, 1978 12:00 PM

Doug Kershaw

Kershaw is a crossed-over Cajun fiddler living in California who has usually remained faithful to his fusion of Louisiana influences and high-gloss L.A.- Nashville studio sophistication. At his best, his sound has an irresistible country-rock feel, with repeated chord sequences, C&W style harmonies and instrumentation and exuberant vocals accented by his infectiously fluid fiddling. That description fits half the cuts here (notably Jambalaya, Louisiana Man). But when he lapses into pop country ballads, Kershaw strays too far from his bayou instincts and ends up in a bog of well-crafted clichés. That makes this half-a-great LP, while his 1976 album, Ragin’ Cajun, more devoutly Cajun-country-rock, was all there.

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