By People Staff
August 22, 1994 12:00 PM

Bug Hall

I am a little boy and my parents took me to see this movie because I have seen The Lion King 17 times and my parents said they couldn’t take it anymore. Especially after I asked Daddy, he is a lawyer, if I can legally change my name to Simba. So they took me to see this movie instead and I thought it was a very strange movie because at the end there is something called a derby race and also there is a boy named Alfalfa, which is a name I have never heard of, with hair that sticks up in back and he drinks dishwasher detergent and he hiccups bubbles while trying to sing a song. He is played by a boy named Bug Hall. Also, there are all these other kids, called rascals, in the movie but none of them play video games or even go to the mall like real human kids would do. My daddy says that’s because this movie is a remake of a bunch of old movies he watched on TV when he was a little boy. Then I asked Daddy, did he like the Little Rascals when he was a little boy and he said, no, actually, he never did. He liked Beanie and Cecil. And Mommy asked after the movie was over if I liked the movie and I said, no, I thought it was the family movie from hell, and I wanted to go back and see The Lion King a hundred million more times starting RIGHT NOW!!!!!! (PG)