September 03, 1979 12:00 PM

by Nancie and Owen Spann

The authors, a San Francisco radio personality and his wife, have produced an amusing little paperback by asking some famous people what they would choose for their last meal and with whom they would want to share it. Phyllis Diller opted for “a glass of hot lard with a hair in it”—with her bookie at Manhattan’s chic “21.” Julia Child chose a roasted chicken with fresh peas and potatoes Anna as part of a five-course meal—with “a few dear friends.” Gov. Jerry Brown, a spokeswoman told the Spanns, “feels that his friends and personal life are private matters,” while Jimmy Carter’s office equivocated boldly, saying his favorite foods include sirloin steak, “any kind of fish or game birds,” ham and corn bread. Nobody could be offended at being left off his guest list; none was included. (California Living Books, $4.95)

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