By People Staff
June 04, 1979 12:00 PM

by Jonathan Fast

Meanwhile, back at his typewriter, Fast has switched from science fiction to a mystery novel about a journalist turned detective who uncovers a pattern in a series of Hollywood deaths. Every 10 years a screen idol is sacrificed to the “Fame God”—not Rona Barrett but a large black cat residing in a one-sacrificial-altar town in the Mexican hills. Fast’s California setting oozes vintage clichés from long-legged sun bunnies to the psychobabble they speak. The book has a Hardy Boys structure except for the celeb names, real (Clint Eastwood) and thinly disguised (Rosalee Romain, noted for her walk, platinum hair and death by barbiturate overdose). The bottom line is “Fame isn’t everything,” but the fast-food plot leaves you wondering 20 minutes later if you’ve really read anything at all. (Delacorte Press, $8.95)