People Staff
October 25, 1982 12:00 PM

According to demonology, an incubus is an evil spirit which ravishes women in their sleep. Sleeping victims, of course, cannot heighten suspense, so the incubees in this somnolent suspense thriller are all awake, screaming and kicking. John (The Tempest) Cassavetes meets his mortgage payments by portraying a doctor, a new arrival to a New England village that is beset by a rash of rapes and murders. Erin (The Class of 1984) Flannery is the doctor’s daughter. She’s in love with a boy, played as if on bad PCP by Duncan McIntosh, whose recurring nightmare seems to key the horrific attacks. As far as terror is concerned, British director John (Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry) Hough has filled The Incubus with enough red herrings to feed the Norwegian Navy. The scariest element of the film, however, is how much old-timer John Ireland, as the town’s police chief, resembles Alexander Haig. Kerrie Keane makes her film debut as a reporter who is actually…well, to avoid spoiling the suspense, let’s put it this way: She’s not a candidate for an Oscar. (R)

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