July 05, 1982 12:00 PM

by Glen Baxter

There is really no word that describes the 91 drawings in this collection, except maybe hilarious. They’re all independent panels, grouped by theme, such as “Way Out West,” where we see one cowboy sending another reeling and the caption reads: “Jedson was noted for his withering sidelong glances.” Or, “From the Pages of History,” where two Italian-looking characters examine a tiny speck and the caption announces, “It was the smallest pizza they had ever seen.” Baxter is a London-based painter-illustrator whose sense of humor makes B. Kliban seem normal. His drawings may vaguely satirize ’40s and ’50s pop culture, or maybe they’re not about anything: The caption for a tenderly embracing couple reads, “He took her in his arms and gently squeezed her goatee.” (Knopf, $6.95)

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