October 25, 1982 12:00 PM

Anne Murray

Murray is never going to make anyone forget Donna Summer or Stevie Nicks. But she and producer Jim Ed Norman have added just the right amount of spice to her usual ration of warm sugar in this admirable LP. It includes energizing compositions by such newer-generation writers as Lane Brody, Tom Campbell, Kerry Chater and Bob McDill. Murray herself gears up appealingly for the title tune and the Rory Bourke-Chater-Patti Dahlstrom song Ain’t No Way to Rise Above (Fallin’ in Love), and charmingly recycles the 1962 Bruce Channel-Margaret Cobb hit Hey, Baby! It doesn’t hurt, either, that she includes a more characteristic track, dedicated to the people in resort towns along a river in Nova Scotia—Song for the Mira. The only questionable thing Murray did on this album was to pose for its pictures in a sexed-up black mini-dress and a look of considerable embarrassment.

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